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Myofascial Release at Hands On

Myofascial Release is the treatment of choice to relieve acute or chronic pain. If you are not living life to your fullest due to pain and restriction in your body, you owe it to yourself to seek out a qualified myofascial release practitioner.

We utilize the myofascial release technique as the core of our practice because of its ability to treat the source of the problem instead of just treating the symptom. We are composed of 50-75 trillion cells, all embedded in fascia – It is a continuous web from head to toe without interruption. Myofascial Release utilizes a sustained, light pressure which changes the nature of fascia relieving restriction within your body. Fascial restrictions can come from every day activities, accidents, injuries and surgeries. The therapists at Hands On specialize in relieving the fascial restrictions within this web to help provide complete resolution of pain. Contact us to learn more.

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Acute and Chronic Pain

Whether its a chronic issue, a new injury from an accident or from “over-doing it,” Our 1-on-1, hands on manual therapy techniques will alleviate pain. Myofascial Release has proven to be one of the most effective techniques for long term reduction of pain. READ MORE

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Women’s and Men’s Health

Myofascial Release techniques, manual therapy techniques and proper retaining of the pelvic floor muscles have become extremely important tools for treating Urinary Incontinence, Chronic Pelvic Pain, constipation, fertility & other sexual health issues in men and women. READ MORE

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Orthopedic Manual Therapy

Injuries and chronic conditions brought on by sports participation, persistent posturing from work or activities of daily living or layering of injury on top of injury can be treated very effectively with manual therapy.  We can help improve better sequencing and motor control with various techniques. READ MORE


Welcome to the leading Physical Therapy and Advanced Massage Clinic in Austin, Texas!

From the Round Rock and Austin metro area, Hands on Physical Therapy and Advanced Massage Therapy provides an integrative and specialized approach to whole body pain relief, treating patients from Round Rock and Austin with acute and chronic pain since 1994. Our fully licensed, highly trained staff at Hands On Physical Therapy and Advanced Massage Therapy are experts of the manual therapy techniques primarily used to treat structural and soft tissue imbalances in the body. Common diagnoses for which we provide treatment include neck pain, back pain, headaches, sports injuries, TMJ, fibromyalgia, pelvic floor and urogenital pain and dysfunction. Within the manual therapy realm, Myofascial Release is our main therapeutic tool and the core of our treatment. Myofascial Release is a technique that hydrates and reorganizes tightened and shortened muscles by placing low grade, sustained pressures into the restricted area. In most musculoskeletal conditions, Myofascial Release has proven to be one of the most effective manual therapy techniques for long term reduction of pain. We participate in several insurance plans and offer package discounts for non-insurance covered services as well as self-pay services. Consider making a commitment to your good health and save with our promotional package discounts. The therapeutic services offered by Hands On are designed to help you achieve optimal health.  



Advanced Massage Therapy
Experienced Licensed Massage Therapists

Our Massage Therapists have an extensive number of hours in advanced Myofascial Release training. We offer Therapeutic, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point and Hot & Cold Stone Massages. READ MORE

Wellness Practice
Keep your Body, Mind & Soul in Balance

Treat yourself to one of our Wellness Therapies. Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy and Massage Therapy help the body stay aligned and balanced. People of all ages, from infants to elderly, benefit from these services. READ MORE

Therapist Mentoring Program
Advanced learning for Physical Therapists

We offer 2 unique programs to help therapists become more proficient using Myofascial Release. Both 5-day programs include 1-on-1 instruction with our licensed staff. READ MORE

Accelerated Treatment Programs
Offered in Sedona, AZ and Round Rock, TX

We provide individually designed programs to help people overcome chronic problems.  Our program includes a Whole Body Evaluation, Body Mechanics, Self Treatment Instructions and Posture Correction.  We offer this program here at the Round Rock location as well as partnering with our sister practice in Sedona Arizona. READ MORE

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