The practice settings of Occupational Therapy are as diverse as the individuals who have chosen Occupational Therapy as their career. Our education encourages us to think outside the box to find solutions to empower individuals requiring adaptive strategies to reach maximum independence following acute, chronic or ongoing progressive conditions.

Our scope of practice deals with physical disabilities as well as mental health issues. We are trained to see the individual as a whole person made up of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components.

Our mission is to assist the individual in balancing these components to be successful and productive in their life. Our licensure allows us a great deal of freedom to get the job done as long as the therapist shows competence with approved tools or techniques.

I feel fortunate to have found my way to the outpatient manual therapy setting here at Hands On Physical Therapy.  I am also thankful that my profession supports my vision and quest to provide the highest levels of care in an arena that is fairly non- traditional for Occupational Therapists.

My advanced myofascial and manual therapy education enables me to meld with the team to treat whole body issues including the realm of Men’s and Women’ Health, pediatrics and wellness.

At Hands On Physical Therapy,  each therapist brings their unique background and skill sets to the team to provide a comprehensive approach to deal with today’s complex medical conditions.

As a person and Occupational Therapist I am grateful and honored to be part of the H.O.P.T. team.

Michael Rende, OTR