I think the folks at Titleist Performance Institute(TPI) have the right approach to golf and sports, and improving sports performance in general. In a nutshell, they believe in right coaching, appropriate fitness and correct biomechanics. I applaud TPI’s vision and determination to bring Golf Coaches, Fitness Instructors/Trainers and Manual Therapy together to provide communities with a network of professionals dedicated to injury prevention and long term sports performance.

How many of us who have played competitively have a fond memory of a coach who knew how to unlock our true potential and helped us play to our strengths? Undoubtedly the coach was also in frequent communication with the team trainers and strength coaches to balance the physical areas needing attention. However, unless you were injured, the coach didn’t have much interaction with a manual therapist back then.

Today is a different story. With ever increasing competition, many of the best coaches are sharing in TPI’s three pronged approach to golf excellence and applying it across the board to all sports and utilizing manual therapy to correct dysfunctional movement patterns before they cause injury. People are seeing that manual therapy is a key ingredient to improving sports performance, and that Myofascial Release is one of the best techniques for acute and chronic pain relief due to its ability to identify the underlying problems.

Myofascial Release therapists are trained to see the whole body and have a keen eye in specifying areas of dysfunctional movement. We are able to distinguish between spasm, guarding, misfiring or poor sequencing and use techniques aided at each specific dysfunction to return proper motor control and remediate pain.
John F. Barnes, P.T., founder of Myofascial Release Treatment Centers, feels manual body work is necessary at least once a month just to maintain our health and wellness.

If Myofascial Release is missing from your health routines or you just want to feel what it can do for your wellness….Give us a call today.

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Michael Rende, OTR, TPI-MP2