Being a Myofascial Release therapist at Hands On – Advanced Massage Therapy has taught me many things throughout the years and in many ways I have watched my life come full circle through this work.
At the age of 9, I began taking martial arts lessons and am still an active member with Austin Okinawan Karate to this day. There have surely been a few road blocks along the way. As luck would have it, about a year after the time I decided to take a break from my karate training, I was led to the talented therapists at Hands On. Through my adventures here, I received profound healing and interpersonal growth, eventually became a Massage Therapist who also specialized in Myofascial Release and found my way back to my beloved karate family. Now that was the fast loop, thanks for bearing with me. There is a point to my circle talking.
As I have progressed and grown in my skill level as a therapist and as I have integrated back into the martial arts community, it has been a very serendipitous commingling of Myofascial Release meets Okinawan Karate.
So many of the skills I have acquired at Hands On – Advanced Massage Therapy have drastically improved my athletic ability and talents as a martial artist. Myofascial Release has taught me an entirely different approach to stretching, one that my body actually responds to and where I see positive results. I have increased flexibility and ease of transitional movements when performing kicks, sparring, and individual forms we call “kata.” In many ways this flexibility and ease of movement is better than it was in my teenage years. Myofascial Release has given me tools to treat myself so that I can better avoid injury and chronic issues associated with normal wear and tear that comes with the nature of the sport. The therapists at Hands On – Advanced Massage Therapy have helped me to better understand proper biomechanics of how the body is meant to move and bend. I use this everyday both in the clinic and in my martial arts training. Working smarter, not harder, which can dramatically increase your effectiveness as an athlete of any choosing. Not to mention, I have a valuable tool that aids in the healing of any of my martial arts family if they ever should require it.
So, to sum it up, Myofascial Release and this amazing team of therapists at Hands On – Advanced Massage Therapy have helped me take something I loved long before and excel at it. Myofascial Release has kept me doing something that I love and continually doing it better!

Are there any athletes out there challenged with their particular practice due to pain or limited mobility?

Would you just like to improve your game?

Leave a response with any questions and let us help you be at your best.

Ashley Pettipiece, LMT