Therapeutic Exercise Tips

Click on the links below to download exercise tips.

exercise-tips-Belt-Stretch-01Belt Stretch
Neck and shoulder pain stretch.




Craniosacral Exercise (CST)
Helps relieve headaches and eases chronic muskuloskeletal pain.




Cobra/Spinal Extension
Helps to activate the muscles alone the spine.



exercise-tips-foam-roll-stretchesFoam Roll Stretches
Use for tight fascia. Effective for addressing tight IT bands, hamstrings and quadraceps.



pelvic-rotation-correctorRotated Pelvis Correction
Restores proper alignment of the pelvis.



exercise-tips-si-joint-stretch-1SI Joint Stretch
Helps stretch sacroiliac joints and relieve lower back and/or leg pain.



exercise-tips-sitting-hamstring-stretch-1Sitting Hamstring Stretch
Helps ease lower back, neck and shoulder pain.



exercise-tips-Tennis-Ball-StretchesTennis Ball Stretches
2 tennis balls in a sock is the cheap and effective way to increase spinal mobility.



psoas ball release pic Psoas Ball Release
4″ Ball used in the abdominal region to help release the low back and increase blood flow.



exercise-tips-wall-stretchesWall Stretches
Stretches hamstring and inner thigh.



exercise-tips-yellow-ball-stretchesYellow Ball Stretches
The yellow ball can be used for tight or tender areas throughout the body.


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