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We are experts in administering manual therapy techniques primarily used to treat structural and soft tissue imbalances in the body, acute and chronic pain, and other physical health issues.

Physical Therapy

We are not your typical gym-based Physical Therapy practice. We combine a unique blend of manual therapy techniques with movement & muscular re-education to relieve pain, restore motion and enhance personal growth.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release as taught by John F. Barnes, PT is a whole body technique that identifies and treats the cause of pain. It consists of gentle, sustained pressure into tightened areas. It is the missing link in healthcare and wellness.

Women’s and Men’s Pelvic Floor Health

We specialize in the evaluation and treatment of acute and chronic conditions that specifically affect the male and female pelvic floor, including Incontinence, Pelvic Pain, constipation, fertility & sexual health issues in men and women.

High-Intensity Laser Treatment (HILT)

High-Intensity Laser Treatment (HILT) is a class IV laser that delivers light as the therapeutic modality for treatment of pain and tissue healing.

Orthopedic Manual Therapy

Manual therapies are highly effective  treatments for injuries and chronic conditions brought on by playing sports, posture issues from work or daily activities, or layering of injuries.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a treatment technique whereby thin, filament needles are used to penetrate into myofascial trigger points and other taught or painful tissues in the body to elicit a neurological, collagen or chemical change in the tissue to decrease pain or tightness.

Jin Shin Jyutsu

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a technique used to harmonize the flow of energy in the body. Its principles are firmly rooted in ancient healing traditions and teaches us how to use specific hands-on sequences to help us restore emotional equilibrium, relieve pain and release the causes of acute and chronic conditions.


The Temporomandibular Joint is the only bilateral joint in the body. This makes it susceptible to misalignment and subsequent symptoms of headache, ringing in the ears, jaw and neck pain. Our Myofascial Release approach is extremely effective in returning functional alignment to the TMJ.


Learn about our Physical Therapist Mentoring Program Below

Physical Therapist Mentoring Program

Learn by working one on one with therapists in a Myofascial Release centered practice. Take your skills to the next level with direct, hands on training. 

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"How do these folks do what they do?! It is not magic, it is science administered by angels. For 3 plus years I have received the benefits of their greatness. One chronic SI Joint problem that had plagued me for most of my life has not visited me now for all of those 3 years. I am a very active yoga practitioner, an old long distance runner, cyclist, outdoor kind of guy that thinks he knows what is right about my body mechanics. A neck injury from a yoga practice caused my Medical Doctor to refer me to them. From absolutely no movement in my neck, significant pain with major impact to my work and my sleep, in a short amount of time, the skilled providers at Hands On solved the problems with my neck and most importantly they taught me what to do to prevent it from happening again...”

- Mike James, Physical Therapy

"Hands On has made a huge difference in my life over the last 6 years. My initial treatment was for severe back and leg pain. Subsequently over the years I have experienced problems caused from age and a car accident. The therapists were able to help with and in some cases alleviate problems where I thought my only recourse was surgery. This is an organization that I have and will continue to recommend time and time again. Everyone from the therapists to the office staff are professional, personable. They all really care and invest themselves in helping find a solution to your needs.”

- Mary Wood, Physical Therapy

"As I grow older, my body does too! I have shoulder, back and neck issues, as well as emphysema. I used to hurt day and night, couldn’t sleep and was miserable. My specialist recommended Hands On and after my first visit I felt better. The whole idea of facial release, the benefits of improved posture, all the things I’m learning about my body and how to feel really well . . . amazing. Everyone at Hands On is professional, kind, helpful, supportive and concerned for my well-being. I wish I had discovered them when I was a child!”

- Pat Ramsey, Physical Therapy

"I came to HOPT with a twisted body and pelvic rotations, up slips, and pain throughout my body. I quickly found that my body responded positively to myofascial release therapy, and all the therapists at HOPT are truly amazing. It's not an over night fix, but it can be a permanent one. I now have a new pain free body and thus a new life. I would give HOPT 10 stars on a 5 star scale.”

- P.T., Myofascial Release Therapy

"After my doctor did a PRP procedure on my knee, he recommended I go to "Hands On" Therapy. I was not familiar with the Myofascial Release technique. After speaking with a couple patients who gave raving reports of their progress, I felt I was at the right place. The therapist explained the Myofascial Release technique to me and enteredmy case history into the computer- Every time I have an appointment I've been impressed that each therapist has already reviewed my case. She sees my progress from their very thorough records. After gentle hands-on treatments to release fascial restrictions and doing the exercises they prescribed for me, my knee area is stronger and the pain level has dramatically decreased. I'm very pleased with my progress. The office staff is also very efficient. Every appointment I've had has been on time, almost to the minute. Now that's amazing! A thank you to all at "Hands On" Therapy,”

- Lorraine Stromberg, Myofascial Release Therapy

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