Therapist-Mentoring-Program-3Hands On Physical Therapy will offer 2 unique therapist mentoring programs to assist therapists in becoming more proficient in utilizing Myofascial Release in their practice.  Both therapist mentoring programs will allow the therapist to work alongside the experts of Hands On Physical Therapy and get one-on-one instruction.  Both programs are 5 days and will include one hour of treatment each day.

  • Myofascial Release Within the General Population– Total cost: $1,000
  • Women’s and Men’s Health– Specialized instruction in assessing and treating the pelvic floor.  This program has an added hour of didactic training regarding specific pelvic floor issues in Women’s and Men’s Health.  Therapists will learn how to assess the pelvic floor muscle internally and effectively treat pelvic floor issues. Total Cost: $1,500

For more information about our therapist mentoring program, please contact our office.