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The Hands On philosophy for treating TMJ is to use a “hands on” approach focused on structural and fascial misalignments and the resulting compensations within the body. Our therapist’s advanced manual and didactic skills are well suited in evaluating and treating the many components involved in creating TMJ symptoms.

From your initial evaluation forward, our therapists constantly monitor the progress of your changing postural and movement patterns. We are trained to help facilitate positive change in postural and structural imbalances, core stability, body mechanics, harmful oral habits and home stretch and exercise routines. A skilled assessment of your particular patterns is essential to create an individualized protocol to remediate your TMJ dysfunction.

What is the Temporomandibular Joint?

Located in front of the ear canal on either side of the head, the joint connects the lower jaw (mandible) to the temporal bone of the skull. The joint allows for opening, closing and side to side movements involved in chewing, speaking and yawning. The primary muscles controlling these movements and subsequent muscular dysfunctions are the masseter, temporalis, and pterygoid muscles.

What Causes TMJ Disorders?

Known causes or contributing factors of TMJ include direct injury to the jaw, face or head from a heavyblow or whiplash. Other direct intrinsic factors include clenching or grinding the teeth, arthritis, dislocation of disc, and psycho-emotional stress. Indirect or extrinsic factors can include trauma to anywhere else in the body, poor pelvic alignment, muscle/ postural imbalances, poor oral habits and/or body mechanics at home and work.

Since one TMJ cannot move independently of the other, it is considered a “bilateral joint”. Being a bilateral joint makes it more prone to, and directly affected by, fascial misalignments. For example, well over half of all TMJ patients seen at Hands On have some form of pelvic misalignment as well.

What are the Common Symptoms of TMJ?
  • Pain or tenderness in the face, neck, shoulders, jaw joint
  • Pain, clicking and/or popping when opening or closing the jaw
  • A tired feeling in the face
  • Jaw locking /difficulty opening or closing mouth
  • Headaches, ringing in the ears, dizziness, ear pain, teeth pain
  • Muscle spasms, extremity numbness, backaches
  • Difficulty sleeping, fatigue, frustration, anger, and depression
What are the Treatment Options for TMJ?

Treatment for TMJ ranges from various conservative care protocols to surgery. Given the vast array of symptoms and etiologies, treatment of TMJ is a case by case protocol and should take into account each individual’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual practices.

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TMJ: A Pervasive Issue

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) is primarily a jaw dysfunction that can give rise to numerous symptoms.

Conservative estimates figure 10 million americans have TMJ, 75% of which are women between the ages of 20-50 (similar statistics are seen for the incidence of fibromyalgia). Dr. Harold Gelb, a leading TMJ specialist, postulates TMJ is a primary initiating factor in 80% of all chronic pain disorders and may be the underlying cause of many chronic pain conditions. A myofascial release principle in line with the essence of Dr. Gelb’s pain theory is “find the pain, look elsewhere for the cause”, as the fascial web causes many pain patterns to be referred from the primary site.

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"How do these folks do what they do?! It is not magic, it is science administered by angels. For 3 plus years I have received the benefits of their greatness. One chronic SI Joint problem that had plagued me for most of my life has not visited me now for all of those 3 years. I am a very active yoga practitioner, an old long distance runner, cyclist, outdoor kind of guy that thinks he knows what is right about my body mechanics. A neck injury from a yoga practice caused my Medical Doctor to refer me to them. From absolutely no movement in my neck, significant pain with major impact to my work and my sleep, in a short amount of time, the skilled providers at Hands On solved the problems with my neck and most importantly they taught me what to do to prevent it from happening again...”

- Mike James, Physical Therapy

"Hands On has made a huge difference in my life over the last 6 years. My initial treatment was for severe back and leg pain. Subsequently over the years I have experienced problems caused from age and a car accident. The therapists were able to help with and in some cases alleviate problems where I thought my only recourse was surgery. This is an organization that I have and will continue to recommend time and time again. Everyone from the therapists to the office staff are professional, personable. They all really care and invest themselves in helping find a solution to your needs.”

- Mary Wood, Physical Therapy

"As I grow older, my body does too! I have shoulder, back and neck issues, as well as emphysema. I used to hurt day and night, couldn’t sleep and was miserable. My specialist recommended Hands On and after my first visit I felt better. The whole idea of facial release, the benefits of improved posture, all the things I’m learning about my body and how to feel really well . . . amazing. Everyone at Hands On is professional, kind, helpful, supportive and concerned for my well-being. I wish I had discovered them when I was a child!”

- Pat Ramsey, Physical Therapy

"I came to HOPT with a twisted body and pelvic rotations, up slips, and pain throughout my body. I quickly found that my body responded positively to myofascial release therapy, and all the therapists at HOPT are truly amazing. It's not an over night fix, but it can be a permanent one. I now have a new pain free body and thus a new life. I would give HOPT 10 stars on a 5 star scale.”

- P.T., Myofascial Release Therapy

"After my doctor did a PRP procedure on my knee, he recommended I go to "Hands On" Therapy. I was not familiar with the Myofascial Release technique. After speaking with a couple patients who gave raving reports of their progress, I felt I was at the right place. The therapist explained the Myofascial Release technique to me and enteredmy case history into the computer- Every time I have an appointment I've been impressed that each therapist has already reviewed my case. She sees my progress from their very thorough records. After gentle hands-on treatments to release fascial restrictions and doing the exercises they prescribed for me, my knee area is stronger and the pain level has dramatically decreased. I'm very pleased with my progress. The office staff is also very efficient. Every appointment I've had has been on time, almost to the minute. Now that's amazing! A thank you to all at "Hands On" Therapy,”

- Lorraine Stromberg, Myofascial Release Therapy

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