Alright folks, after an experience that can only be described as running uphill, backwards, in the rain, we have finally caught our breaths long enough to be able to put a pen to what all of this seemingly sudden change has been about.

Now to address the elephant in the room…we moved! Just a hop, a skip, and a giant leap of faith across i35, our new space sits in all its glory; new is definitely a relative term but certainly an upgrade from where we were. The catalyst for this massive adjustment would seem to be a series of unfortunate events flagshipped by the infamous ice storm of 2021 but in the interest of full transparency, this has been a long patchwork quilt of hardships and overstayed welcomes that could date back a decade and a half.

When an ice storm causes pipes to burst and flood the whole clinic, you put on your hard-hat and you get to work fixing it because that’s what needs to be done. Is this by choice? Certainly not. This is the product of having a hands-off landlord and a crew hired out by them that appear to have been trained to cut corners. The clinic team members were all put to the test, trying our hands at plumbing, electrical work, dry-wall patching, and painting. Rest assured our talents and passions lie in the realm of physical and massage therapy, not so much the general contract roles we were forced into. Inevitably, when our knowledge ran out, we had to hire out people to come in and fix what the original crew did not complete according to their professional training. To make matters more exciting, the entire cast of Ratatouille had been living in our walls. Even with utilizing an exterminator, these persistent free loaders made their way in, only to perish and bake in those walls in the middle of the excruciating Texas summer heat, flooding the hallways with a smell that we are sure you all can imagine vividly.

We could go on and on about the saga of what became our daily mantra: “what are we going to find when we open the front door today.” In fact, we could write a book and a couple of sequels but let’s lay that dead horse to rest. So, here we are; just a few months shy of what would have been the 30th anniversary in the old space we have called home for so long. It is bittersweet to say goodbye to that old building, but after all, it’s not the location, but the loyal and loving relationships we have cultivated together with you that has made this place so special over the years. We thank each and every one of you for your continued patronage and support. It’s very surreal and quite humbling to ponder the number of years some of you have been visiting us.

To those of you who are new to our little space altogether, welcome! To those long-haulers, we promise to provide the same standard of care we always have in this new place. We embrace this change with open hearts and minds and we hope you can do the same.