The Selective Functional Movement Assessment(SFMA) –  My story:

Every so often, if fortunate, we get an “AHA” moment that changes our life. Professionally, I had my first aha moment when I was introduced to myofascial release. The other happened recently when I learned how to perform the Selective Functional Movement Assessment. The experience was heightened for me as I was used as the class demo model.

The assessment consists of 10 top tier movement tests that are graded as Functional No Pain, Functional with Pain, Dysfunctional with Pain, and Dysfunctional No Pain.  With the exception of “Functional No Pain” all other findings lead to further “breakouts” that specifically target the type and area of dysfunction.

I will admit I was a little self conscious being the demo model in front of a room full of P.T.’s and Chiropractors that deal with high level athletes every day, especially when I failed every one of the top tier assessments…..meaning I either had pain or dysfunctional movement with every test!

The silver lining of the story is that when all the breakouts were completed the assessment pinpointed a fundamental core stability issue that was the chief contributor to many of my other problems. Simply put, my inability to use my core lower abdominal muscles forced my neck and upper back to stabilize my body. No wonder I have had neck issues most of my life.

I was given some basic exercises to help engage my core and change the dysfunctional motor patterns I developed over the years. I have been doing and progressing my exercises the past 2 weeks and have found the results amazing. Chronic pain patterns are going away and I have more energy. I don’t feel like my body is fighting with itself when exercising and my golf swing has improved dramatically.

I have incorporated the Selective Functional Movement Assessment into every treatment with our current clients and have found it compliments and enhances our Myofascial Release and manual therapy treatments. We also offer the Selective Functional Movement Assessments as part of our ongoing wellness programs for athletes wanting to enhance their performance to the general public wanting to enhance their exercise performance and overall fitness.

Michael Rende, OTR