Hands On Physical Therapy is dedicated to protecting our patients and staff during this time regarding the COVID-19 situation.

Here is what we are doing to succeed in this endeavor:

  1. Multiple times throughout the day, our staff is wiping down all surfaces that our clients and staff come into contact with including door handles, plumbing knobs, pens, desk spaces, chairs and treatment tables. You touch it, we clean it.
  2. Our laundry is sent out to a facility registered to clean medical linens using hospital grade anti-bacterial detergents.
  3. We wash our hands between every client encounter and sometimes during the treatment. After washing, we are using hand sanitizer. Trust me when I say, we have clean hands!
  4. We are asking all patients who think they may be ill to call and arrange for rescheduled treatments.
  5. We are asking all patient to PLEASE cover their coughs/sneezes by coughing/sneezing into their elbow or down the front of their shirts. If you can’t remember that, we will very nicely hand you a paper towel to cover your cough/sneeze. PLEASE don’t use your hand to cover your cough. You touch stuff and the wiping starts all over again.
  6. Only arrive 5 minutes before the start of your treatment time to minimize the amount of time you spend in the lobby with others. If you get there earlier than that, sit in your car and start writing the great American novel or take a nap. When you come in, we will get you back into your private, very clean room, as quickly as possible.
  7. There are posters located around the lobby and in the rooms that can help you know what to do to prevent spread and acquisition of COVID-19.
  8. And just in case you have not heard…DON’T touch your face!