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I was a new mom with a son I adored. I was excited about the journey we were on, but it had been two months and I was still having problems “down there”.  Problems that doctors don’t tell you about. Problems that are taboo amongst friends. Intercourse was unbearable because it was painful; it often ended in my tears and my husband’s hurt ego.

I had such urgency to get to the bathroom and limited ability to hold it; I was having bladder and bowel accidents regularly. Once my cycle returned I was unable to use tampons; they either hurt too badly or fell out of place. I felt overwhelmed, embarrassed and broken. I placed the call to HOPT; it was a call that changed my life.

I was always treated with respect and felt safe with every therapist I encountered, which was most important to me with such private matters. The therapists educated me as to why I was having all of these problems. The physical stress of carrying a baby and a difficult labor caused structural and muscle tone imbalance of my pelvis. Internal damage with sutures, and a stage three episiotomy and scar tissue associated with its repair, all contributed to the imbalances as well.

Hands on external & internal work, off the body energy work, relaxation and visualization techniques, guided pelvic floor exercises, explanation of self treatment strategies to do at home, and education of proper body postures/ body mechanics all served to restore a neutral pelvic structure, proper muscle tone and strength to my body. I felt better with each & every session, and was having consistent improvements with all my symptoms. I graduated from therapy with a healed body & mind. I grew in ways I never expected.

I had no more pain or problems, which was great. As a bonus I had a better understanding of my body. I learned to trust when something in my body didn’t feel right; and I now knew how to help myself. This growth allowed me to be a better mother. I am no longer broken. I know with every cell of my being that I could not have healed without the amazing therapists at HOPT (especially Erin and Jody), or their excellence in the John Barnes MFR technique. It is my firm belief that every woman would benefit from this type of work before, during, and after pregnancy. I know I cannot be alone in these post partum experiences. I share my story in hopes that women reading this may seek and receive help, and that we have more conversations on the topic: between friends, and more importantly between patients and practitioners. …

– M.A.